Position Title: Natural Resource Management Assistant
Park Unit: Chiricahua National Monument, Coronado National Memorial, Fort Bowie National Historic Site
Location: Hereford, Arizona
Number of positions available: 2
Can this position be fully remote: NO

Duration: 20 Weeks (not flexible)
Start Date: 11/11/2024
Flexible Start Date: YES

Weekly Stipend: $565.00
Relocation Allowance: $400.00

CURRENT NUMBER OF APPLICANTS: Under 75 (This posting will close after receiving 75 complete applications or at 11:59 p.m. EDT on Sunday, 16 June, whichever occurs first.)

The National Park Service's Southeast Arizona Group (SEAZ) includes Coronado National Memorial, Chiricahua National Monument, and Fort Bowie National Historic Site. The trio of parks are managed by one leadership team, headed by a superintendent. SEAZ parks, near the US-MX border within the Madrean Archipelago, preserve significant biodiversity and natural resources in the United States. Anthropogenic and natural processes such as, border related disturbances and climate change, are adversely affecting resources, including: environments, wilderness, and landscape. These processes continuously impact the landscape, hydrology, and associated ecosystems—destroying vegetation, soil, and ecosystem biodiversity.

This project will train youth participants to address ongoing natural resource disturbances. They will follow existing and develop new protocols for monitoring changes in the landscape, climate, ecosystems, and water resources, all while learning to navigate the geographical and sociological challenges present in the SEAZ parks. This project will enable youth participants to work alongside NPS subject matter experts and introduce them to potential career pathways in the NPS. The experiences and challenges of this project will help build future leaders in the field of resource management. The selected SIP intern will work in the division of Resource Management and will focus on various natural resource inventory, monitoring, restoration, and research projects. Work will occur as an individual and in a team setting; field and office based; and conducted all three SEAZ parks.

The intern will be assigned 1-2 principal projects based on the intern’s interest and experience but will also assist with other resource management projects and routine activities. Projects include watershed restoration and monitoring, cave microclimate and condition monitoring, mapping, and restoration, weather station monitoring and troubleshooting, geohazard mapping, native plant/habitat restoration, GIS and data management, air quality monitoring, hydrological monitoring, border impacts assessment and mitigation, landscape photography, and analyzing/summarizing current and past research.

This internship aligns with topics traditionally aligned with natural resource management including air quality, climate change, geological studies, hydrological studies, and GIS. The work accomplished by the intern will tie into the NPS mission of preserving the natural and cultural resources for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations by focusing on the restoration and monitoring of these resources. This internship opportunity will also follow NPS Mission Goal Category I: Preserve Park Resources and Strategic Goal 2: Conserve, Protect, Manage, and Restore Natural and Cultural Resources in the Face of Climate Change and Other Stressors: 2.1 Lands, waters, and heritage are conserved for present and future generations.


Interns will take on projects that address natural resource management issues while gaining high-quality work experience that fosters the next generation of diverse park stewards.

1. Data on water resources, restoration monitoring, erosion, microclimate, weather and other variables will be collected and organized in existing park databases.

2. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) will be created for new project work.

3. Data will be analyzed and added to ongoing and final reports.

4. Comprehensive resumes will be developed for each intern with staff help to prepare for future resource management careers.

5. A final presentation to park staff and/or agency partners will be produced.


• Applicants must have completed at least three years toward an undergraduate degree in geology, environmental science, natural resources, or a related field.

• Ability to use ArcGIS and online GIS (e.g., ArcGIS Online, ArcPro, Google Maps) for developing, managing, and displaying spatial data, including mapping, querying, and illustrating encroachment locations. Applicant must have taken at least one course in GIS.

• Ability to use standard office software such as Excel, Word, etc.

• Good data organization skills and detail oriented.

• Ability to work collaboratively with other in a group with a diverse backgrounds and skills.

• Possesses strong initiative and is able to work independently with minimal supervision.

• Coursework in Geomorphology or related courses.

• Applicants must have an interest in and ability to work in rural locations; having cave experience is preferred but not necessary.

• Must be physically able to work in rugged terrain and extreme temperatures.

The applicant must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. legal permanent resident (“Green Card holder”). Prior to starting this position, a government security background clearance will be required. The applicant must be available to participate for 20 Weeks in order to be considered and participate.

Coronado National Memorial is located 20 miles south of Sierra Vista, Arizona at the southern end of the Huachuca Mountains, one of the region's sky island mountains. The nearest amenities (groceries/bank/etc.) would be found ~20 miles/25 mins away. Topography in most parts of the memorial is steep, climbing from 4,593 feet in the grassland plain to 7,709 feet at Montezuma Peak. The geology of the area is complex, with high angle reverse vaults juxtaposing sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks. Fort Bowie NHS is located 37 miles from Willcox, Arizona (population 3,700). Elevations at Fort Bowie range from 4,550 to 5,250 feet, the upper elevational limit for the deserts, and a transition zone from grassland to woodland habitat types. Chiricahua National Monument is located 37 miles from Willcox. Chiricahua contains rhyolitic rock formations found nowhere else and protects richly diverse cultural resources. Elevations range from 5,124 to 7,310 feet. Temperatures in the area range from 60-100 degrees in the summer and 0-50 degrees in the winter. Cooler temperatures are expected at higher elevations. Office and field work required. Prospective participants are advised that due to its location near the international border with Mexico, conditions for conducting work are unique. Illegal activity takes place throughout the park in the form of drug smuggling and illegal immigration. Employees must take extra precautions to assure the security of their equipment, vehicles, and persons. The job may involve strenuous physical activity (steep hiking for several hours), and exposure to heights and to weather extremes. The participant will receive training in backcountry hiking and safety.


  • Applicant must have a valid driver's license to drive a government vehicle.
  • A personal vehicle is recommended for this position.

Park housing is available and will be provided at no cost to the participant. The park will provide housing in a 3-bedroom mission 66 ranch house at Coronado National Memorial. Housing is shared with other staff, interns, and visiting crews. Communal and shared spaces may be mixed gender, but bedrooms are private. Houses contain a kitchen with amenities. Bedding (queen bed) and toiletries will not be provided.

Cave, air quality, hydrological monitoring, geological monitoring, geomorphology

This posting will close after receiving 75 complete applications, or at 11:59 p.m. EDT on Sunday, 16 June, whichever occurs first. Once you begin applying for a position, the application must be completed in one sitting. You cannot save and return later to complete it. Applicants can apply for up to five Scientists in Parks Intern positions per winter. You need to complete a separate application for each position in order to be considered. You should receive a confirmation email after successfully submitting an application. Sometimes institutional email filters/settings can redirect or block emails related to the application. We recommend watching spam, junk, and promotional email folders in case your service delivers messages there. Please visit How to Apply for additional resources and information about applying (i.e., learn what materials to have ready for applying, find a worksheet that previews application questions, etc.)